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Do you accept returns?



If you need to return something, no problem. You can request a refund or an exchange or a credit, as you wish. Please examine the contents of your order upon arrival and let us know right away if you need to return something for any reason.  If it doesn't fit, not quite the right color, a little too artsy fartsy for you, no problem!


You have 30 days from the invoice date to get an Return Authorization Number. Returned items must be in resellable, original condition. Please do not wear an item for 28 days and then try to return it! The return will not be honored and you'll have created bad karma!  After 30 days no returns are possible.


Simply message us with the details of why you would like to return your items and we will send you a Return Authorization Number by email for you to attach or write on the outside of your return package.

Then mail your return package to:


P O BOX 625


When we receive your return we will issue your choice of a refund, an exchange or a credit. We have excellent customer care and want you to be completely happy and celebrate every purchase you make from SILK & COTTON.



Do you provide International delivery?



We do ship world wide using the USPS. At checkout your shipping will be calculated according to your location and how many items you have in your cart.  If you have multiple items in your cart the weight will be combined and shipping may increase. In some International shipping cases it can be cheaper to ship a couple of smaller parcels instead of one big heavy box, because of this it may be to your advantage to split up your order. Just play around with the shipping calculator to see what works best for your purchase and location.  



How do I track my order?


All shipping is done through the USPS so a USPS tracking number will be sent via email when an order is shipped. If you are unfamiliar with USPS tracking and need more details or if your package has gotten lost in the mail please message us using the contact above and we will help any way we can.


Can I request custom colors?


If you see an item on our website that you absolutely love but we don't have it in stock in your size or its not available in your favorite colors just let us know. 


We are happy to include your color combinations on our next dying day (which occurs every Monday except on holidays or vacations). Just message us using the contact above and we will explain the ins and outs of mixing dye color combinations and why some color combinations aren't possible, but most are. There is no extra charge for this service as we are dying on Mondays anyway so we might as well use your favorite colors! 

What if you don't have my size?

If you fall in love with an item but we are out of stock for your size do not fret! Often if we are out of stock of one of our staple designs then it's only a matter of time till we restock it and when we do we can notify you. Just message us above and let us know which item you'd like and in what size. If you do not fit our size options and need custom made items that is possible too! Keep reading.


We are huge on body positivity and want to create items that look beautiful on all shapes and sizes. So if you love our products and want to get them custom made for you please message us above. As this service is labor intensive and often uses more supplies there is an extra charge of $20 added to the original cost of each item. This extra charge also includes storage of your custom patterns, one fitting consultation via video call per pattern drafted and usually a life long friendship is created in the process. 


How do I get a limited edition item?

If you find yourself drooling over a limited edition item and your size, style or colors are out of stock then I'm sorry there is nothing we can do. Limited edition items are very special and are created in a very small run. They are numbered for authenticity and they are collectors items so they will not be repeated or duplicated. If you'd like to be notified of our limited edition releases to increase your chances of snagging one then simply be my friend at the bottom of this page to receive the newsletter.

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