This Arashi Shibori Scarf measures 21" by 70" and makes a wonderful beach wrap, neck scarf or head scarf for those windy days. This silk wrap is large enoughto be used as a shawl or a stole and is the size of a half sarong or pareo as we say here on Kauai. Its comfortable and durable enough for a day at the beach and luxurious enough for a fancy evening out. I hope you will enjoy exploring the endless ways to wear this unique piece of wearable art hand made on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii by textile artist Christiane Love.


Arashi is Japanese for storm and this hand dyed piece evokes the movement of full clouds and falling rain. Arashi Shibori is an ancient labor intensive Japanes dying method where fabric is wrapped around a pole then string is wound around the fabric. The fabic is then scrunched down to the end of the pole and dyed. The areas bound by the string remain white while the rest of the fabric becomes a vibrant color. Each Arashi Shibori piece is one of a kind and can not be duplicated. Please look fondly upon the irregular pattern and appriciate its story, charm and the ancient process of Arashi Shibori.



Arashi Shibori Silk Scarf

  • Silk is a very strong fiber second only to kevlar in tensile strength. Silk & Cotton uses only the best silk with a tight weave that can withstand daily use. In fact we would be very honored if this became your new favorite go to silk piece. As it gets soiled simply hand wash with a mild detergent or machine wash on the gentle cycle in a lingerie bag. Our silk can be machine dryed on low heat but it will become wrinkled so the perfered method is to line dry. Feel free to iron on the silk setting if you perfer a completely smooth crisp lustrous finish but we quite like the charm of the soft ungulating crinkles. Silk lasts for generations and we hope you will always enjoy this unique, one of a kind silk piece.

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