This Mala with Agate, Dolomite and Mother of Pearl was created for alignment and stability.


A zen style mala has 108 counting beads with 4 marker beads spaced at 7, 21, 87, and 101 places from the guru bead. Each 6mm bead is hand knotted with love. The fabric covered Guru bead is created from hand dyed fabric and embelished with an Seed of Life to root you into the powerful flow of creation. The Guru bead is also an essential oil diffuser. Simply add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the opening in the back and enjoy your favorite invigorating fragrance all day long. 


Agate - stabilizes and strengthens, facilitates alignment with your higher self, harmonizes your yin and yang and balances your chakras.

Dolomite - increases stamina, promotes courage and mental stability as well as optimizing sleep to be deep and rejuvenating.


Mother of Pearl - cooling and soothing on the skin, associated with the unconditional love of Motherhood and promotes sincerity and truth.


Mala for Alignment


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