This Mala with Jade, Jasper and Adventurine was created to nurture and cleanse your heart and soul.


A zen style mala has 108 counting beads with 4 marker beads spaced at 7, 21, 87, and 101 places from the guru bead. Each 6mm bead is hand knotted with love. The fabric covered Guru bead is created from hand dyed fabric and embelished with an Yin Yang inside a Lotus to harmonize your yin and yang energies while nurturinging yourself with gentleness and patience, allowing yourself time to fully blossom. The Guru bead is also an essential oil diffuser. Simply add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the opening in the back and enjoy your favorite soothing fragrance all day long. 


Jade - is a cleansing protective stone which boosts the body’s filtration organs and delivers ancient wisdom that is seeped in tranquility.

Jasper - is known as the “supreme nurturer”, it sustains and supports while bringing tranquility and a feeing of wholeness and worthiness.


Aventurine - opens the flow to abundance and prosperity while promoting a feeling of emotional freedom and security.


Mala for Nurturing


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